Consultation with an Optometrist

What is an optometrist?

You may have heard of the term, ‘optician’. There are different types of opticians, those who only measure, fit and dispense your glasses, those who only fit contact lenses in addition to fitting spectacles, and those who do all this and complete a sight test. The latter (i.e. the one that does everything, including your health check) is an optometrist.  

An optometrist can do much more than prescribe glasses and contact lenses. They examine the eyes to detect vision problems, injury, eye disease and even some general health problems. They can provide advice on maintaining good eye health and can give you information and help answer questions on all things eye and vision related. Some optometrists have higher qualifications and can prescribe eye drops or even tablets to treat you eye conditions. This allows them to treat eye conditions such as ocular hypertension (high pressure in eyes), glaucoma or red eyes.

Top 5 ways in which your optometrist can help you:

Help you to see clearly

Optometrists test people’s sight and can prescribe and advise on suitable glasses, contact lenses and other visual aids.

Detect signs of eye disease

They examine patients in order to identify any eye conditions or diseases, and can sometimes monitor or treat them, or refer you to other eye health specialists. Some optometrists can prescribe medicines for specific eye conditions.

Assess how well your visual system (eyes, brain and eye muscles) is working

This may include tests to assess how well your eyes work together, how well they can distinguish different colours and measure your peripheral vision.

Detect signs of general health problems

They may identify signs detected inside your eye that can indicate general health problems, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.v

They can provide information and education

Optometrists have a wealth of knowledge on all things eye and vision related. An optometrist is able to give the advice and information people need to make informed decisions about their sight, eye health and visual wellbeing.

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