Low vision and magnifiers

Low vision assessment

People with low vision as a result of eye conditions such as macula degeneration, glaucoma, Stargart’s disease and corneal dystrophy, struggle with glasses as they are not usually strong enough for them to see. At Midlands Eye Care, you can either have low vision assessments as part of your on-going care with one of our surgeons (who will monitor your eye condition) or just attend for a low vision assessment on its own.

You do not need to be registered severe sight impaired (SSI or blind) or sight impaired (SI or partially sighted) to book an appointment.

A low vision assessment determines how you can make the best use of your remaining vision. Your optometrist will measure your useful sight and tell you about the options available to you to maximise the use of it. This can include providing lots of different kinds of magnifiers, telescopes, lighting, special tinted eye shields, or even electrical aids like video magnifiers.

At Midlands Eye Care we provide low vision assessments that last around an hour. Our optometrist is accredited to assess your sight and provide you with the best solutions possible. Our consultations are relaxed and can even be fun! Be sure to bring some examples of what you want to be able to see with you for the initial assessment.

Losing your sight can be a scary and lonely place to be…we are here for you every step of the way.

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